Time Bomb


1 A developing and problematic situation that will eventually become dangerous if not properly addressed.

Ticking Time Bomb is a Chicago area three-piece indie rock band. Heavy, no-nonsense guitar coupled with clean melodic vocals backed by a ridiculous rhythm section gives the band a potent combination.

Ticking Time Bomb’s strange mix of influences includes Bob Mould, Rush, Toots and the Maytals, King Diamond, King Crimson, Tom Petty, Megadeth and The Who, among many others.

The live performances are intense and include mud and fire. Fun first, safety second.

Joe Rossi

Childhood was spent doing two things. While not on my Schwinn bicycle in dirt lots, I could be found pilfering the record collections of my older brother and sister. They had all the good stuff.

My teenage BMX racing and skatepark riding buddies eventually became our first band. We called ourselves Nuisance. I’m sure the neighbors agreed. The Oak Park Police gave us a nuisance warning. I swear that’s a true story! I wish I still had the ticket.

A series of metal bands led to me singing and playing bass in Dunno, a three-piece alt/punk band with my buddy Jon and underage brother Jim, who we had to hide until we got on stage. Fights with the audience were the norm. We once almost burned down Club Stodola. We had a good time in that band.

I like writing songs. I’ve always liked the way certain sounds and words can make you feel. There’s a way a song, a chord, a note, or even a single word can evoke a certain feeling or mood. I’ve always had an insatiable curiosity about that as well as a lot of pent-up something to let out. Music is that outlet. I’m fortunate to have two like-minded guys playing beside me. I wouldn’t get to do things this way without them.

A musician friend of mine, noticing my musical energy, once pointed a finger in my face and said “you’re a ticking time bomb…….”

Joe Rossi
Kyle Sowatzke

Kyle Sowatzke

I like playing bass. I just need to know the time and place, and I’ll be there.

I also like bicycling, kayaking and hiking, all while in one of the custom tie-dye shirts that I occasionally make.

I was asked to fill in for a TTB gig four years ago……

Scott Hume

Growing up in the farmland of Illinois allowed me a lot of time on my own. Having three older sisters encouraged that. I suppose that’s part of what steered me toward the drums. I get to sit back behind the drums and watch the antics from afar.

Being a third generation, there’s a lot of music history in my family. My grandparents were musicians, mom sang and played piano and my sisters played sax, flute and piano. Dad played an unknown instrument in high school. The world may never know…..

Weekends saw the parents’ friends coming over for jams. They were all musicians and would “borrow” my drums from my room and drag them out to the living room for the evening’s festivities. What a way to grow up!

Piano lessons at six became guitar lessons at 12. I found my way home behind the drums at 13 and never turned back.

Scott Hume